Wine artisans

What distinguishes these wines is the natural, artisanal, honest and
respectful that is the whole process from the vineyard to the bottle.

The artisan wines are wines with Soul.

Bodega La Encina

Our wines are organic and natural, free of sulfites and pesticides, without the use of chemical fertilizers or aggressive products for nature.

Our wines

Our wines come from biodynamic agriculture, that is to say, following the cycles of the moon for the workings of the field as the elaboration, bottling, etc.


After the destemming is led to small tanks of 1,000 liters where naturally and without synthetic activators or temperature coils, begins the fermentation where it usually lasts between five to seven days. Controlling the density and temperature twice a day never reaches a temperature more than 27-28º Celsius.

Once finished, the wine is extracted from the deposit for decanting and the skin is crushed for its pressing and subsequent use of it.


After choosing a predetermined coupage or a monovarietal so established, we determine within the lunar calendar, the best days and times for optimal bottling.

By the attraction of the moon to liquids, we try to be days waning/ascending in flower and/or fruit, without lunar nodes, storms or rain that can hinder the flow of particles and essence of wine.

Oak aging

We only use second-hand barrels where the contribution of wood to the wine is minimal and ensures that the essence of the fruit and its “terroir” is present after having been in the ageing of casks.

We use over 120 barrels of French oak with light and medium roast and also American oak casks.

Our land

Our vineyards are located in Almansa and Caudete in Castilla la Mancha and Villena in Alicante. It’s the only land without phylloxera and practically no fungal attacks.


The varieties are autochthonous and millenary: Monastrell, Garnacha, and Forcallat that cultivated in rainfed yield a production of 2.50-5.00 kg/vine.

A machine which is over 100 years old that hardly caresses the grain already speaks about the philosophy of this alchemist respectful with the nature. Defender of the indigenous yeasts.

Agustín C. Piqueres

Indie Spanish Wines

Except José María Espí and the winemaker Rafa Cambra, few, or anyone else, have dared to work with this variety, somewhat rustic and special.

José María Espí's Forcallat


Three silvers for Bodegas La Encina at Organic Wine in Germany

Three silvers at Organic Wine in Germany


Two wines from Bodega La Encina awarded with the Gold and Silver medal in the Bad Dürkheim.

Gold & Silver medal for Bodega La Encina

José Manuel Penadés, Ágora

Elegant Themes


José Mª Espí Sánchez.
C/Pedro Más nº 23, 03408 La Encina.
Villena. Alicante. SPAIN.

(+34) 610 410 945