The winery was born in 2006 as fulfillment of the desire to return to make the wine that in my childhood and youth made with my father in his cellar of the Costereta Borja de Ontinyent from 1946 to 1959. There I learned to make natural wine, which is what was practiced in the area because they didn’t known any pesticide products which are in the market today.

In 1998 were acquired by the family the vineyards located in Almansa-Caudete and Villena, close to the municipal term of the Font de la Figuera and after observing the behavior of them with the pests and other external agents, I decided to go with organic agriculture. With the course of time the cultivation was strengthened by learning through specialization courses organic cultivation and biodynamic practices, among which the observance of the lunar calendar is preeminent. Trips to France and Italy visiting organic/ecological wineries have served to improve the elaboration techniques.

The artisan practice is the basis of the elaboration of our wines. We return to traditional systems choosing small fermentation cuvettes to avoid temperature rises during fermentation. From here it goes to major deposits for decantation and from these to the destination, either the bottling of young wine or to barrels for maturation.

José María Espí Sánchez.